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Józsefváros Complex Special Educational Methodology Institute and Elementary School

Excellent Accredited Talent Point

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Our students take part in Special Education, most of them have a disadvantaged student status. These features are challenges which determine tasks for the school. Most of our students have disadvantaged family background where learning is not appreciated, school success is not important therefore their motivations are low compared to an average student. Some of our students have also experienced school failure due to their learning disorders and/or behaviour problems. For these students recognising their own values and creating valuable things are extremely important.

Our Gifted Education Good Practice forms a good attitude towards the school, which raises school attendance. As part of our pedagogy we help our students obtain good coping strategies. Competence development includes intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills and the area of talent each student is good at. All gifted education activities develop self-esteem, cooperation skills, conflict management skills and communication skills. In our case life-long learning does not mean traditional formal learning or a long-term school career, but we focus on personal development and taking responsibility for the students’ own lives. We believe that life-long personal development facilitates a permanent status in the job market, and it also helps representing interests in society.

We are intent on enriching our schooldays with exciting programs which strengthen attachment to the school and aim at both knowledge and personality development. Our students can show their talents in various ways and this way they experience success.

Our Gifted Education program includes participation in competitions and performances outside the school which expands their social circles and develops the self-confidence needed for social integration. Talent support is not only provided by the school staff, but parents and our partners representing society (non-governmental organizations, partner schools, companies, artists, peer helpers) are also involved. Gifted Education workshops can also support job market demands both in crafts and arts activities and sport.

Mission Statement of the Talent Point

Our school is specialised in Special Needs Education. Our most important goal is to support the school integration of our students which hopefully leads to their social integration. Personality development focusing on both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and community development are also important parts of our school program. We also believe that forming a positive attitude towards school and learning via exciting and interesting lessons, creative activities and sports activities not only help students feel successful, but also develop self-esteem, self-efficacy and cooperative skills. The majority of our students have restricted

social lives, the school as a social place opens the door to society and helps students making social contacts outside school as well.

Our school works as an all-day school. Therefore we set up our gifted education schedule both in lessons and extracurricular activities. Students form mixed-age workgroups, where certain talents are developed. In these workgroups students from different classes cooperate with each other, which also supports the development of social skills including tolerance, cooperation and managing conflicts. School events such as sports events, exhibitions, festivals and project days involve all the students, this way everybody can benefit from our gifted education program. The „festive mood” of these events strengthens community skills and positive attitude towards the school. We welcome guests in these programs, which helps students socialise with people outside our school. Out-of-school programs also develop social skills. All of these events help children to be more initiative and they also learn about their national identity.

Expertise, activity and success in helping talented young people

In the past years the fields of gifted education have been extended to various sorts of talents. We provide extracurricular activities in the following areas: sport, playing the recorder (from sheet music), gypsy instrumental music covers of popular songs, drama, handcrafted workshops (folklore arts), project days, thematic clubs, theatre visits, student and cultural competitions (regional, statewide), drawing competitions, taking part in school events and public events (in case of invitation).

Our students make outstanding performance in art competitions and sports events organised by the National Association of Sports for the Disabled (FODISZ). Our school staff members are not only qualified teachers of different subjects and special needs education, but they are also qualified on specific fields such as psychology, drama-based pedagogy, music education, romany culture, folklore arts, applied graphics, photography, media studies, experimental pedagogy, fairy tale therapy, expressive arts therapy. Our colleagues are open to the new trends of education and pedagogy. Our gifted education program is based on our Protocol, which was worked out by a work team of our teachers and is available for other schools. Our Talent Point cooperates with children attending our school and their families, teachers working in gifted education, the local government of our district (8th district of Budapest) and non-governmental organizations. Our programs and projects are implemented in team work, the members of the work teams share tasks and responsibilities. Via our Special Education Teachers in Integration Department we have working relationships with the schools of our district. As a result of our previous projects we have partner organizations, both our students and our teachers benefit from these relationships: our students can experience social integration, our teachers can share work experience. We also cooperate with the Hungarian Association of Special Education Schools (Országos EGYMI Egyesület), the Budapest regional Talent Competition of the association has been organised by our school for three years. Our school is also supported by the colleges and universities of the 8th district. We also take part in the teacher training program of the Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education.

Our Talent Point focuses on arts and sport. Our programs are organised weekly, monthly and annually. Regular programs:

Thematic clubs

Project days

Gifted education workshops: playing the recorder, sports activities, puppet-show, drama-based pedagogy, folk traditions, little artists’ club, pottery, cooking and baking, weaving, Fibula club (gypsy instrumental music covers of popular songs)

We also take part in competitions (educational, cultural, arts, sports), drawing contests and exhibitions, festivals and performances, theatre visits, museum visits, out-of-school trips. These are organised occasionally depending on published projects. Annual programs:

„We are one world” cultural festival

Józsefváros Educational Project Days

Sports events (eg. Challenge Day)

T-factor – Talent Project day

Budapest regional Talent Competition